Want the daki of your dream ? You can commission it from our afilliate artists here !


We are currently using a unique pricing for these commissions: 750€. For this price you will receive the following:

-Commission for two 160x50cm pictures, front and back side with NSFW variant for each.

-The original files of your design.

-Four 2way-tricot dakimakuras (2 SFW + 2 NSFW) printed with the commissioned design and shipped to your place.


If you are not familiar with our artists, check this page to have a look at their portfollios to see their works or check their personal social medias.

Our artists have the right to decline any commission at their own discretion. Commissions are paid after acceptance by the selected artist.

Daki Suki keeps the right to sell dakimakuras with the commissioned designs.


If you agree with the above terms, please fill the following form. We will reply as soon as possible.


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