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September 25th, 2021


Pre-orders open until Monday September 27th

Pre-orders just opened for an extremely short period this time as we need to restock asap for our convetion stock. They will close on September 27th.

The new characters are:

- Asui Tsuyu (My Hero Academia) (NSFW version will be available for pre-order next time)

-Power (Chainsaw Man)

-Itadori Yuji (Jujutsu Kaisen)


If there are older designs that you wish for that are not available, don't hesitate to contact us on Twitter/Discord, or directly through the contact form.


Pre-ordered designs from August are on the way to our place !




New mousepad supply arrived.

New designs arrived !

- Rouge the bat (Sonic the Hedgehog)

- Toriel (Undertale)

- Peach (Super Mario Bros.)

- Modeus (Helltaker)


New commission system !

You can now ask our affiliate artists to make de dakimakura of your dreams ! 

Have a look at our revamped artists galery to see which would fit better the character of your choice !

Not all our artists are available at the same time, but you can see who is up at the moment directly in our commission contact form.


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